Tuesday, September 05, 2006


There and Back Again

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So, allow me to waste 15 minutes of your day with my exploits and pictures

I took a midnight bus to Kyoto hoping to get some sleep. I soon after remembered that traveling in Japan means you must stay up all night every third night. I arrived in Kyoto at 6:00am knowing no one and only the vaguest memory of the name of the hostel I was booked to stay in. A cabbie was uncommonly committed to getting me there and followed me into a posh hotel to get directions. I believe the place was called Kyoto's Shittiest Inn... or was it Kyoto's Cheapest Inn?.... That part isn't important. I found the place with the door locked and elected to sleep on the pavement for a little while. Turns out that wasn't the door to the Inn and I was awoken a while later by a old Japanese lady laughing because there was a kid with a Canadian flag on his backpack sleeping on her driveway. She showed me the proper door about 10 feet away. I didn't come to Asia because i was expecting it to be easy or comfortable.

Kyoto is famous for being full of shrines and temples still in their original condition due to the fact that the city was not bombed during WWII,. The city is to Japanese antiquity what Whitby, Ontario is to doughnut shops. I saw many shrines and temples and gardens and castles while I waited for the check in time. I met an english speaking japanese guy who couldn't have been more pleased that he could show a forigner around.

The hostel was full of Limeys, Dingos, Kiwis and Canucks that I hit it off with right away. We got kicked out of the hostel for being too loud and drunk. We went out for what I assume will be the most fun night of drinking I will have in Japan. Japanese reggae is something I couldn't invent if a tried but they seem to have it nailed down. Memories of the night get sketchy but I do remember getting kicked off the stage and meeting a beautiful girl.

The next two days were more sight seeing and we managed to find a restaurant a couple doors down that sold pints of beer \100 (less than $1 canadian). Let me tell you, that beer contained some of the finest tap water in Japan but it did the drick (just a little bit slower). I was quick to miss the excitement of Tokyo. Once you have seen one or two shrines, you have seen them all.

I came back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train). It cost about what the down payment on a house in the suburbs does but moving across the country at 300kph is worth it.

Last night was another night out in the club district with my Kyoto people here in tokyo. $40 and you can drink for free all night (and i do mean all night and i do mean all you can drink). I got back in around 6:00 this morning.

The staff here at the hostel are laughing at me because I am wearing a shirt i bought with Japanese writing on it that says something to the effect of "i am an obsessive fan of Japanese animated porn featuring young girls". Motherfucker at the store told me it said "crazy".

I am supposed to fly to Seoul tomorow but two weeks in Japan Isn't enough and three weeks in Korea is too long so for an extra $200 I am going to take the bullet train to the west coast and take a boat to Korea. Allegations that I m doing this for a girl are only half true.

Much love

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me at the golden pavilion...yeah

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you know those little Japanese Zen gardens you can buy with rocks and sand and stuff? They made a huge life size one of those here obviously modelled after the little ones.

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shortly before we got the boot

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Kyoto is beautiful

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try walking that with a hangover only to find it is not open to the public

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some civilized and sophisticated gents and myself out for an evening stroll in Tokyo

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very civilized and sophisticated

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