Saturday, August 26, 2006


Tokyo pt 2

Oh the things you will see,
after a rough evening and morning in Tokyo I found my stride pretty quick. I met up with another Canadian from Scarlem and she and my american friend and I went out on the town. I dont know how to communicate what we did without being really boring about it. Ill be quick.

There is an OLD shrine just around the corner from the hostel along with an entertainment district full of shops, restaurants, pachinko casinos (like slots machines designed to bring on early onset deafness). We went to a fish market that smelled so bad I thought God had turned hsi back on the japanese for good. However, eating sushi that was reeled in that morning is an emotional and life changing experience well worth it.

We toured bizarre shopping districts where the faux punk scene for young non-comformist japanese kids go to buy pre-ripped jeans and shirts emblazoned with real-honest-to-god nazi insignia. The street was called Takashita. Ill let you dwell on that for a moment.

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