Monday, August 21, 2006


So long Vancouver,

Suggested music for reading: Leaving on a Jet Plane (may put my sexuality into question but.... meh)

Ok. After 2 weeks of retirement in Canada's most beautiful city, its time to say goodbye. There is nothing I've done here that I do not recommend anyone reading this also do. Now, I have been drunk foor the better part of the last two weeks so consider that part optional but I think everyone should:
-Hike to the top of Grouse Mountain in North Van
-Buy scale replica plastic guns in Chinatown
-Ring up a $200 bill at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
-Have your credit card mistakenly sent home with a stranger that lives in Langley BC by some coked out waitresses, use cunning gumshoe skills to track said stranger down and meet a sweet girl willing to drive you out there to get it.
- Catch some pepper spray in the throat and nose
-Hang out with real honest-to-god hippies
- Find an obscure European barber shop and get a straight razor shave
-Make big talk about going to a nude beach and put it on the bottom of the list of priorities.
-Bike along the seawall of Stanley Park stopping to admire the mountainous scenerey, salt air, cruise ships and sea planes playing chicken
- Subsist entirely on Sushi, Pad Thai, Pho noodles and cheeseless $1 pizza.
- Help put the kids of Heinekin shareholders kids through university

enough about that. My flight leaves in 9hrs and I still have some loose ends to tie up. One of them is named Kaylne.

My love to friends and family at home, patients at the office and anyone else that might be reading this.
My next post will be from Tokyo. I will be culture shocked, exhausted, confused and irritated and lost. In short, mildly more pleasant than you know me to be

also: follow this link to see an entertaining picture from bowmanville that I sent into a few weeks ago:

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