Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Welcome.. or piss off, Sort that Part out Yourself

Hello all. This is the first post I will be making that I intend anyone to read. In the event that you don't already know, I'm leaving for Asia in a couple weeks. The trip is already 6 weeks behind schedule so who knows what plans I have will come to fruition. I will leave you to take bets on that. This blog is to let people keep up with where I am, what/who I've done and what I vaguely guess comes next.

In short, no one likes long mass e-mails from friends and family abroad. You've got them before. You read the first paragraph and maybe the last one and respond with e-mails that say "Sounds like you're having a great time, take lots of pictures" and all that other crap. Instead, if you want to keep abreast of my travels, it'll be up to you to check this site. ( www.safereturndoubtful.blogspot.com ) - the name comes from a line in a want ad placed by an Antarctic explored in the early 20th century that appears at the top of the page. I chose it because of the general humourous theme of my trip.

My guess is that posts will be made irregularly when I can sit at a computer and post an update and some pics if I figure out how. I will consider it a success if I make one post for every country I go to.

That said, I plan on going to:
South Korea
New Zealand

Anyone who reads this owes me $50 if I make it to all of them.*

This is my first real post and it's already too bloody long.

My next and shorter post should follow just before I leave.

*fuck you - I'm collecting

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